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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  September 24, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day 50 plus. complete with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one-a-day 50 plus. >> a fox news alert. gunfire at a sunday service in a tennessee church. police say they have arrested a suspect. he is 25 careers old. -- 25 years old. it happened at the burnett chapel church in antioch tennessee, which is just south of nashville. police say the suspect fatally shot one woman in the church parking lot before going inside and wounding at least six more people. they say at some point a church usher confronted the suspect and the suspect was wounded during the scuffle. the area remains on lockdown as
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police use dogs to search the suspect's car. again the investigators have identified the suspect as 25-year-old emmanuel sampson. so far no motive has been released for the shooting. we will have more information on the developing story as we get it. eric: president trump says his stance has nothing to do with race but he says with respect for our country. despite that more than 100 players sat or kneeled during the playing of the anthem, the star spangled during nfl games today as you can see. after president trump went on his tirade against athletes who protest during the anthem, and then tweeted that those who refused to stand, he says, well, they should be fired. hello everyone and welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters.
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i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. it is not just the players who are unhappy with the president, a number of owners condemning the president's remarks, some even locking arms with the players in show of solidarity. we have fox team coverage on this. we are live from new jersey among fans who watched the jets play the dolphins but we begin with kristen fisher, in new jersey, near the president's private golf club. kristen, the president just recently left, but not before responding to the show of solidarity. give us the details. >> well, arthel, president trump spoke with reporters shortly before boarding air force one back to d.c., and he told them that he watched a lot of the games today, watched a lot of these protests, but he insists that this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with showing respect for our country and our flag. he's tweeted about it a ton over the last 48 hours. but here's one of his latest
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tweets. he says, quote, courageous patriots have fought and died for our great american flag. we must honor and respect it. make america great again. now, administration officials hit the sunday shows to talk about other things, but also to flesh out some of these remarks. treasury secretary mnuchin was one of them. he was asked why does president trump seem to be picking this fight with these players and nfl owners. why now. here's how he responded. >> you know, the nfl has all different types of rules. you can't have stickers on your helmet. you have to have your jerseys tucked in. i think what the president is saying is that the owners should have a rule that players should have to stand in respect for the national anthem. this isn't about democrats. it is not about republicans. it is not about race. it is not about free speech. they can do free speech on their own time. this is about respect for the military and the first responders and the country.
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>> so the administration is standing firm, but many players and owners continue to be outraged, including one of president trump's good friend, the owner of the new england patrio patriots. he put out a statement this morning that reads quote i'm deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the president on friday. our players are intelligent, thoughtful and care deeply about our community and i support their right to peacefully effect social change and raise awareness in a matter that they feel is most impactful. the president was asked about that remark again right before boarding air force one and he said that he still likes bob, but he disagrees with him on this one. arthel? arthel: okay. you know, kristen, is the white house at all worried, though, that this feud with the nfl is distracting from one of the most important issues of the day, which is north korea? >> if they think that, they are certainly not showing it. you know, just yesterday, north korean -- the foreign minister of north korea, he was speaking at the u.n., and he said that, you know, all these latest
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verbal provocations from president trump makes our rockets visit to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more. well, president trump responded to that, late last night, actually right after midnight, and he said, you know, just heard the foreign minister of north korea speak at the u.n. if he echos thoughts of little rocket man, they won't be around much longer. so a lot of people fear that this has gotten way too personal. these very personal jabs and nicknames between two world leaders that are both well known for having very healthy egos. the fear is that making this too personal that perhaps the president trump and the trump administration could be poking the north korean leader kim j g jong-un just a little bit too much. the treasury secretary mnuchin was asked about it this morning. >> this is not about personalities. this is not personal. this is about someone who is testing nuclear weapons. the president doesn't want to be
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in a nuclear war and we will do everything we can to make sure that doesn't occur. >> so the administration stance continues to be we don't want nuclear war, but if that is what north korea pushes the u.s. to do, then we're prepared for it. arthel? arthel: kristen fisher, thank you very much. eric: and from north korea back to the controversy today on this football sunday, that everyone across the country had been talking about. well, how the fans are reacting to this on game day. we are reporting live from east rutherford, new jersey. that's where the new york jets -- well, they beat the miami dolphins today, but a lot of the fans are talking about the president's comments. and the player reaction. hi, brian. >> hi, eric. that's right. i've got to say when i'm talking to fans here just outside of metlife stadium where the game took place, the main theme is that people are just -- they don't like the fact that this is being talked about on a day where they are trying to escape. this is football.
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you're not supposed to mix politics and religion with football is really what a lot f people have been saying -- a lot of people have been saying. when it comes to whether or not they would boycott with what's happening, well no one really told us they would at all. but take a listen to some of the opinions. >> i think that our young men and women fought for us to have the right to either stand up or take that knee. it's just, you know, what we believe in, if it's a way for us to get the message across in terms of what they are fighting for, why not. you know, you just have to support them no matter what. >> can't we just have our sundays with football? >> it's like, look, i'm having a beer. i'm trying to enjoy sunday with my wife. we're die-hard jets fans and we're talking about politics now. it's too much. >> who would have thought. >> makes you want to drink more. >> 100%. i mean, listen, i'm a veteran, man. those guys are getting paid millions of dollars. i used to get a paycheck of $750 twice a month for the military,
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if you can't stand up for the national anthem, then get off the field. >> i think it turned the injustice aspect against the president so it was a great move on president trump to do it. >> and, you know, when you look at the ratings, eric, the sunday afternoon games, the ratings are down, about 15% this year. and when you read some surveys, like one done in july, by jd power, some 9,200 fans, well those who decided to not attend a game or to see less games, many of them, 26% say that is the most -- that is the number one reason why they chose to view football less and not go to a game, it is because of these protests. obviously those who are at this bar, they still want to keep going, but it is obviously resonating with a lot of people, a lot of different opinions. >> the president said in his tweets, that the ratings and the attendance is down. this controversy will continue. thanks very much. arthel: let's bring in dan kaplan, the nfl writer for sports business journal. first of all, i'm sure you have
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been on the phone with my of your colleagues today. what's the talk -- with many of your colleagues today. what's the talk? >> the games are exciting despite what the president said. it's been a good football sunday in that regards. it's transpiring as everybody expected it to since the president got involved with the nfl a couple days ago. players are protesting. owners are participating. there have been a few holdouts like jerry jones of the dallas cowboys, we have not heard from. he's a big trump supporter. they play tomorrow. but by in large, president trump appears to have done something no one thought was possible, which was unify the nfl. the players association, the players, and the much despised roger goodell, the commissioner of the nfl, who usually takes the bricks and darts but now is on the side of the players. arthel: is it time, though, for president trump to take this off line, off twitter, call a collection of owners and players to the white house for dialogue? >> it would be a good idea. if you look at the cleveland
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browns, the first game of the year, they kneeled. and after they kneeled, there was a bunch of players who did this, the local police, the authorities, they got together with the players, and they had a different kind of protest on the second game. and that was much better received. you don't have to throw slings and arrows at nfl players to get them to listen, to get them to act, and it is a shame that the way it transpired over the last few days. arthel: so you pointed out we haven't heard from jerry jones, dallas cowboys owner but we do have a statement from patriots owner and friend of the president saying there is no greater unifier in this country than sports and unfortunately nothing more divisive than politics. i think our political leaders could learn a lot from the lessons of teamwork and the importance of working together towards a common goal. so dan, what do you make of that statement? how should the nfl commissioner owners, players proceed from here? should they listen to the
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president on a level and say, you know what? people don't want anyone coming across as disrespecting the american flag, the national anthem, even if it is in protest of something they hold near and dear to their hearts and want to make public -- shine a public spotlight on which is social injustice. >> look, everyone is talking about the players having a constitutional right to protest, and they do, but the administration has a point that they could do it on their own time. in the time honored tradition of the nfl and other businesses, they should probably form an owners committee to figure out a more, you know, a more neutral way for these players to protest the issues of their day. arthel: you just said the issues of their day, has the original reason for taking a knee, again the players calling attention to and protesting against social injustice, been lost in the new war of words, the president versus the players, and how should that really be addressed moving forward? >> well, i would imagine the issues of the last few days
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unless the president continues to take to twitter and take on the nfl and take on the business of the nfl, that that ultimately will recede into the background. the issues -- the core issues that colin kaepernick kneeled for and other players have supported, that's not going away. i would expect we will continue to see players kneel. that's why if the president is serious about not having players kneel for the anthem, he should bring them to the white house. he should bring owners to the white house and figure out a way more proper way for them to socially protest at least in his perspective. >> you mentioned colin kaepernick, do you think he will get his job back because he's unemployed starting this a year ago? >> first of all, there has to be a gigantic smile across the face of colin kaepernick. he has many people in the nfl kneeling and perhaps they are taking a different look at him. he's not been able to get a job because he was seen as radioactive. i don't see how he can be seen as radioactive anymore.
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my expectation is he will get a job by the end of the season. arthel: dan kaplan. we have to leave it there. thanks a lot for joining us this afternoon. eric: meanwhile, down in puerto rico, rip currents and surf along the u.s. southeast coast, they are going to remain dangerous for the next few days as hurricane maria tracks north away from the bahamas. the storm in puerto rico, well, it has completely knocked out power there. as we know, they are having a lot of problems. phone service is down throughout a lot of the island. today crowds were gathering at one phone tower, you can see, that hoped their weak signal -- they can get a signal to reach their relatives back here in the u.s. >> translator: i have been trying for days to get in touch with my family in the united states. just today i found out that there's a signal here so i came with my mother to call my father who is there and let him know that we are okay. eric: meanwhile, thousands of people have had to evacuate because the dam that was
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weakened by all the rain, well, authorities fear it could soon collapse. garrett tenney is live in san juan puerto rico with more on the recovery efforts there and the damage in that historic area. hi, garrett. >> eric, what you heard from that man is really what we have been hearing from a lot of folks here. the signal bars on your cell phone are one of the most precious commodities in puerto rico right now. just along with food, water, and power, the lack of communication has been one of the most challenging aspects of life after maria for folks here, and it's been challenging for officials as well, who have been cut off from many of the remote towns on the island to know exactly how bad the damage is there and what the needs are to recover. so one of the things that fema is doing now is they are in the process of getting satellite phones to every town in the island so that they can be in that communication. right now, today, the governor said the death toll is up to 10
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people, but the concern is that number could still go up, if they are able to re-establish communications. now, there's a steady flow of federal aid coming into the country, though. both by air and by sea. fema has already delivered 1.6 million gallons of water, 23, 0 23,000 -- and dozens of generators and food. getting help to the towns that need it most is going to be a huge challenge. all of these roads, many of them across the country are still either flooded or covered by debris. now, folks they are going to be lining up for fuel, for weeks to come, they say, because this is one of the precious commodities. without power, you need generators. and to run generators, you need fuel. to drive around the island to check on family, to pick up supplies, you need fuel. so fuel is a shortage right now. they are in the process of bringing that in, but there are still hour-long lines to be able to get it. those long lines you are seeing
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a lot of places across the country, banks as well. today and over this weekend, we have been seeing folks lining up at banks because without power, credit card machines aren't working, so folks have been lining up to get cash out of atm's and banks to be able to pay for the supplies that they need, food, water, gasoline as well to be able to try to move on and start to recover with life. banks are going to be reopening again tomorrow. several are going to be reopening for the first time. and they say that they are going to be trying to have some cash on hand to be able to help with those efforts. but power again still six months out is what officials are saying in some areas it will be until that gets back. very long road ahead for folks here in puerto rico to get back to what we know as modern life. eric? eric: garrett, seems very desperate, but still people basically calm and it is orderly as they try to get through this and recover. thank you. meanwhile, president trump has returned to washington from
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new jersey, just arriving at joint base andrews. before he left new jersey he had more to say about the nfl controversy and the players who kneel during the national anthem. he said he felt the owners should do something about it, it was very disrespectful to the flag. he also said he saw great solidarity today in the players that linked arms and stood with each other. as far as his friend bob kraft who owns the patriots, the president said he has to go with what he wants and he still thinks it is disrespectful to the country. he says he likes mr. kraft very much but he has to do what he has to do. we have a great country with great people, said the president. they should be treated with respect and it is about respect he says. this controversy he said has nothing to do with race. it has to do with respect for our country. there's the 757 which usually serves as air force two taxiing toward the joint airbase andrews after that short flight from morristown, new jersey.
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we will bring you any comments that the president has as he arrives later on in this newscast. arthel: as the president heads home to the white house, he will face a lot of issues to tackle, including his travel ban which expires today, but the white house is expected to release new restrictions, soon, and we will bring you those details as soon as we get them. plus, president trump threatening to annihilate north korea after the country's foreign minister addresses the u.n. lieutenant colonel michael waltz joining us next to talk about our options. >> i think it is dark talk because we're right now with the politically correct environment, we like to kill people in war as nicely as we can. if it came to a conventional war, which i don't want it, but there's going to be a lot of people who die on both sides.
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eric: president trump has arrived back at joint base andrews waiting for him to get off of air force one which in this case because he flew from the smaller airport in morristown, new jersey, is a boeing 757, that is usually reserved for vice president pence. as we have been reporting to you before we left, the president, you know, not backing away from the controversy over the nfl
2:23 pm
kneeling during the national anthem. he again said that it is not racist. he said it is about respect for this country. he says it is a shame that the owners have allowed this, and he stands by his stance, basically that people should be fired who do it. he does say that standing arm to arm in solidarity, when the national anthem is being played, he does appreciate that as a symbol of support for this country. so as we await the president's arrival, we may just move on as we wait for him to descend the stairs to another issue, a far more crucial issue that affects a global war and peace and international relations, and it has to do with the president not backing down on something else and that's his stance against north korea. he tweeted his response to north korean's foreign minister address to the united nations on saturday. the president said quote just heard foreign minister of north korea speak at u.n. if he echos
2:24 pm
thoughts of little rocket man, they won't be around much longer. that in response to that blistering tirade by the north korea's foreign minister saying that comments like this by the president make a nuclear strike against the u.s., he said, inevitable. >> translator: what else could be a bigger threat than the violent -- such as pouring fiery and fury, total destruction, coming from the top authority of the world's biggest nuclear power. >> so of course certainly on his mind and on the mind of john kelly and others, the defense secretary and the secretary of state, is what should we do about north korea? especially when faced with that type of comment from the foreign minister. lieutenant colonel michael watts is with us, a retired green beret commander, former counterterrorism advisor to vice president cheney, author of
2:25 pm
warrior diplomat and a fox news contributor. we just heard the foreign minister say in a strike in his words is inevitable. is that really true? or is this more bluster? you know, we hear this type of bluster from them all the time >> eric i'm hearing a lot of concern out there that the president's tough talk is actually escalating the situation. there are a lot of folks that are scared and a lot of concern that, you know, his kind of rhetoric is not helping our diplomacy and not helping the economic sanctions and other efforts that we're trying to put in place, but, you know, i have a different view. a crisis right now with north korea on its current trajectory is guaranteed. we are not going to accept, and this president is not going to accept, nor should he, a nuclear-armed north korea that can blackmail our allies and the united states and so i think it's going to take this type of rhetoric and this type of tough talk to make them believe north korea and china especially that we will not accept it.
2:26 pm
that we will take military action, if we have to, and only then i think will the status quo of the last 40 years be shaken up enough so that these other efforts can take hold. you know, one of the things that i think -- eric: others are saying this could backfire. you talk about take military action. >> yeah. eric: it could kill hundreds of thousands of millions in seoul before weekend wipe out all their artillery. >> that's right. don't get me wrong, we are walking a fine line, the president is walking a fine line here. military option has to be the last resort. my point is the credible use of military force actually helps diplomacy and helps the enforcement of the economic sanctions. it is only when china especially believes that that is a very real option, under this president, that he absolutely will not accept north korea with a nuclear program will they begin to move. that's why i believe you have seen the chinese just now tell
2:27 pm
their entire banking system to stop doing business with north korea. eric: that's going to -- >> that's why you have seen a number of other countries pull their embassies out of north korea. you are finally starting after 40 years to see some very real movement on the sanctions and the diplomatic front only because they believe this president will use military force. eric: at the u.n., all reporting last week, they were shocked, they were shocked when china came out with the memo telling the central bank, telling the banks no t to do business anymore -- not to do business anymore and they would start cracking down on this, if you can believe them. on the other side of this, you have north korea escalating this, saying they are going to hit us, saying the president of the united states is mentally deranged, president evil and all this. let me play what the foreign minister of north korea said also about their capability, what he says they have achieved in terms of putting a hydrogen bomb atop of a missile. listen. >> translator: recently the dprk
2:28 pm
has successfully conducted icbm mountable h-bomb tests as a part of the efforts to achieve the goal of completing the state nuclear force. with this, the dprk has entered a phase of completing the state nuclear force in accordance with its line of simultaneous development of the economy and the nuclear force. eric: that's the foreign minister saying they put a hydrogen bomb basically atop of a missile. that's what we worry about. do you think he's telling the truth, or just another claim? >> well, i think time is not on our side here. the north korean capability will continue to get more and more sophisticated. they are moving their missiles on to mobile launchers, which means they can move them around, and they are much harder for us to find and take out. they are moving from liquid fuel to solid fuel, which means they can be launched much faster. and they are extending the range, you know, eventually we're going to see a three stage icbm that can attack anywhere in
2:29 pm
the world, versus right now which is only the west coast of the united states. so again, time not on our side. -- time is not on our side. i think more of the same old same old in terms of diplomatic language and trying to get them back to the table is only going to be used by the north koreans to buy them more time. from the chinese perspective, right now look this is not their problem, it is a japanese, south korean and american problem, but only with the president really kind of making them believe that we are not going to accept this outcome, will the chinese start to move away from the status quo that's worked in their favor for the last 40 years. eric: it is very dangerous and hazardous situation, the chinese are fearful that they will get a ton of refugees on their border, but they are if they want us to believe them finally beginning to take some action. certainly we hope that it will be enough >> i'm sorry, they can do it on their terms or we can do it on our terms and the military option is awful, but that's what i'm hoping the chinese will move forward in a meaningful way, finally. eric: that is the message to beijing. michael walsh, thank you very
2:30 pm
much for joining us. >> thanks. arthel: the new g.o.p. healthcare bill may need some life support to get enough votes to pass, but the white house says significant changes are not in the works. we will talk about it, after the break. >> what we're actually doing, as you know, is we're taking dollars out of washington, d.c. and sending it to the states and so how each state gets those resources is being continued to try to perfect -- perfect that formula. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire
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more and more republican senators now indicate they are on the fence or would vote no on the graham cassidy healthcare bill. >> i want to be a yes. i want to get there because i think obama care is a disaster. >> it is hard for me to envision getting to yes on this bill because my concerns are so fundamental. the graham cassidy bill proposes a dramatic sweeping change in the way that program would be allocated and administered, and the program which does need reform, but we need careful reform. and i don't think this bill does that. arthel: with more on this now, we go to washington examiner contributor jamie weinstein also the host of the show and pod cast and the founding partner
2:35 pm
for jmw strategies. you are busy. >> just a little bit. arthel: can senators cruz, murkowski, we didn't see her, but she's been very vocal as you well know and collins get to yes and save graham cassidy. >> i think it is going to be hard to square this circle. you already have mccain as out, he didn't like there was regular order so i don't think there's anything you can do to get him in. that's two more senators say no, republican senators, this bill is dead. to help try to get susan collins, if you move in that direction, provide more medicaid funding, you will ensure that rand paul, perhaps ted cruz and mike lee are out and you go the other way, try to make it conservative and cut it more, you will make sure murkowski and collins are out so whoever you try to appease, you will force other people who are either more liberal or more conservative out, so i don't see how you appease everybody here who needs to be appeased in order to get those 51 votes. arthel: one half of graham cassidy was on abc this week
2:36 pm
talking about this very issue. let's take a listen and we will talk about it. >> we're moving forward and see what happens next week. i'm very excited about it. we finally found an alternative to obama care that makes sense, take the money out of washington and let states design systems, if you keep replicating obama care even at the state level, you will get the same outcome. arthel: senator graham has loads of experience of strategic work arounds in washington, why would the senator cosign a bill that key players in his own party can't support? >> not only key players in his own party, but perhaps his best friend in the senate, john mccain, wasn't able to support. so you know, maybe it was an attempt, another attempt to show that she's trying to do what he's promised, and pretty much everybody in the republican party has promised for seven years, which is get rid of obama care or at least in this case get rid of parts of obama care,
2:37 pm
but it doesn't look at this moment that this is going to be a successful effort. arthel: jamie weinstein we have to leave it there because we have to get to the other big story of the day and that is president trump who has made some comments before heading back to washington on the twitter war revolving around the nfl players and himself. let's listen. >> i think it is very disrespectful to our flag and to our country so i certainly think the ownership should do something about it. with great solidarity, i watched a little bit, i wasn't watching the game, but i watched a little bit, and i will say that there was tremendous solidarity for our flag and for our country. >> mr. president, your friend robert kraft, said he was disappointed by what you said on friday. what is your response to him?
2:38 pm
>> he has to take his ideas and go with what he wants. i think it is very disrespectful to our country. i think it is very very disrespectful to our flag. i like bob very much. he's my friend, but he -- he gave me a super bowl ring; right? he's a good friend of mine. i want him to do what he wants to do, but we have a great country. we have great people representing our country, and especially -- [inaudible] -- and when you get on your knees and you don't respect the american flag or the anthem, that's not being -- [inaudible]. this has nothing to do with race. i never said anything about race. this has nothing to do with race or anything else. this has to do with respect for our country and respect for our -- [inaudible]. we have a tax plan that's finalized. i think it will be terrific. i think it is going to go through. it would be the largest tax cut
2:39 pm
in the history of our country. >> [inaudible]. >> i have never heard that, really -- >> [inaudible]. >> we will see what happens, but i hope it is going to be 15%. but it is going to be substantially lower, so we bring jobs back into our country. >> -- individual rate to 35? >> we think we will bring the individual rate to 10 percent or 12 percent, much lower than it is right now. this is a plan for the middle class and for companies so they can bring back jobs. >> mr. president, is there a chance to get the healthcare plan through the senate? >> we are looking at the healthcare. i have been watching for seven years of the republicans saying repeal and replace, then you have mccain voting no for whatever reason. by the way, arizona is one of the biggest -- even the governor is totally in favor of it. it's also great for maine and
2:40 pm
alaska. every state you are talking about, it happens to be particularly good for, so i don't know what they are doing, but you know what? eventually we will win whether it's now or later. >> are you willing to work with the democrats on a bipartisan bill? >> [inaudible] -- republicans have been saying for seven years repeal and replace, and now they have a chance. the funny thing is in arizona it is up 116%. in maine it is way up -- if you look at what's going on with maine, they get a tremendous amount of money with the grant -- i mean with the block grants. you look at alaska one of the biggest beneficiary would be alaska, and these are the people that are against it. eventually we will win on that. my primary focus i must tell you and has been from the beginning as you can imagine is taxes. i believe we will be successful in the largest tax cut in our country's history. thank you all very much. >> travel bans, have you made up your mind? >> travel bans, the tougher the better.
2:41 pm
>> when you make a decision about the iran deal? arthel: and there is president trump. that was from earlier when he left morristown municipal airport before heading back to joint base andrews, and you heard him say travel ban, the tougher the better. we are expecting word regarding that travel ban in the new version of it to come from the white house at any moment. we will bring it to you when we get those details, because as you know, the current version of that travel ban, expires today. the president was there talking to the traveling white house press corps, very eager to talk about what is happening with the nfl controversy and making remarks regarding his friend bob kraft, who is the owner of the new england patriots, who came out speaking against the president in the way that he is handling this particular situation and the words he used to describe the players. the president saying there a little bit hard to hear, but the president saying listen i like bob but i want him to do what he wants to do but he disagrees with him. so again, the president is now off to the white house.
2:42 pm
he's in fact landed in d.c. when he gets home, he will face a lot of issues, including the nfl controversy, health care, the travel ban, north korea, the natural disasters in mexico and so on and so forth. we will bring you those details when we get it. stick around right here on fox news channel because we have it all covered. right, eric? eric: yes. speaking the horrible situation in mexico city, the desperate situation continues as crews there are searching for any survivors. the numbers of dead have risen now after two earthquakes. authorities say at least 300 people so far have been killed, thousands more are homeless and the search continues for any survivors. jonathan hunt is in mexico city tonight. jonathan, we're kind of past the golden hour, 96 hours or so of any survivors, but there is still hope. >> there is still hope, certainly in the mindz of the rescue workers -- minds of the rescue workers who are working
2:43 pm
so hard to find anybody who may have survived, eric. and there is still hope in the minds of the families of those who remain unaccounted for and missing. we got a closer up look at what is essentially the last official remaining search and rescue operation here in downtown mexico city today as you take a look at this video. you can see that dozens of highly-skilled rescue workers are essentially working by hand, moving each piece of rubble, bucket by bucket by bucket, off what was a six-story office building that they are now inching their way through, peeling back the layers of rubble, one by one, hoping that they might yet find somebody who has miraculously survived, and as well as hope given that this is a very catholic country, there are a lot of prayers. churches across mexico city and indeed across the country, packed today for sunday mass, and a lot of prayers being
2:44 pm
offered up that they might -- there may be a miracle, that they might find somebody still live, but clearly, eric, as you say, once you get past the 96-hour mark and we are well past that now, rescue workers will tell you that it becomes less and less likely that they will find anyone alive. eric? eric: there's certainly a lot of prayers and hope not yet diminished adds they continue. -- as they continue. as you have noted, there's really an international effort of rescue teams there. >> yeah, and it is an extraordinary level of cooperation between so many nations here. eric, obviously the mexican authorities and they have very highly skilled search-and-rescue teams are taking the lead here, but we have seen teams from chile, from israel, from japan, and from the united states. the los angeles county fire department has an extraordinarily well-regarded urban search and rescue team, they are here. they have been taking part in many searches, including this
2:45 pm
one, right where we are now, in downtown mexico city. i spoke to chief dennis cross, who is their team leader, and he said absolutely, they are not giving up yet. listen here. >> the will of somebody to live outweighs anything else. a human being can survive for a number of days, especially if they have a water source, if they are in an area where it's a void space and they have some source of water, bottled water, rainwater, as we saw in haiti, we pulled victims out of the rubble between 7 and 9 days that had a water source. we never give up because we foe there are miracles -- we never give up because we know there are miracles. >> as you can see live here now, the team is still on top of that collapsed office building still doing their best. just as a measure of how dangerous the work they are doing is, just about a couple of hours ago they suddenly all got off of that building, apparently it was moving. the rubble was moving beneath
2:46 pm
them and they cleared it out until they felt it was safe to come back on, so these are real heroes up there right now, eric, doing every single thing in their power to try to find somebody who may have survived, to try to find that miracle. eric? eric: jonathan, they are really heroes and we could always pray for miracles and hope that there will be one. thank you. arthel? arthel: absolutely. as we just showed you, president trump doubling down on his demand for nfl team owners to fire or suspend players who kneel during the national anthem and calling on fans to boycott games if they don't. but what about the argument that the players are simply exercising their free speech right? we will discuss that, ahead. >> it's the reason he got elected. this guy speaks truth to power. that's what he has been doing. that's what he continues to do, and that's what he's going to do for the next several years as president of the united states.
2:47 pm
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eric: president trump's call for nfl players who kneel in protest during the playing of the national anthem sparked controversy on this sunday. about 100 players took part in
2:51 pm
protests during today's games and players from the ravens and the jaguars they played in london and even though they were overseas they also kneeled, but then they stood during the playing of the british national anthem. a defensive tackle, there he is, he's standing, even while the rest of his team, the steelers, they remained in the locker room. he's a west point graduate, an army ranger, earned the bronze star. he served three tours in afghanistan and stood on behalf of his country. how will this play out in politics? democratic strategist, former candidate for the dnc chair is with us and republican strategist and board member of sports which is the largest sports advocacy nonprofit. let me start with you. is the president right? >> the president is right. as the patriot in chief and
2:52 pm
commander-in-chief he speaks for america. when we have players disrespecting the american flag and the american people and the fans that support them, he has every right to express his opinion. when i go to a game, i want to leave reality. sports has been historically one of the great uniters of our country. and i didn't come and pay a ticket price or a cable price to be lectured to or to be part of a protest that i'm not in favor of, so i think sports fans have absolutely the power to bring these teams and leagues to their knees if they so choose in condoning or not condoning the kind of behavior we have seen, not only in our own country, but no in england. -- but now in england. >> i do have experience in sports because i am a huge football fan. i have been a fan since the day i was born in washington, d.c. here's the situation, yes, the president has every right and he certainly has the largest platform to express his thoughts, but what he seems to
2:53 pm
be forgetting and what brad doesn't touch on is that the freedom to critique our country is actually one of our greatest freedoms. and the president doesn't seem to understand that. he certainly did when he was a reality tv star, and in the role of president, he is, i think, in many ways living up to the reality tv president that some voters wanted, but the unity that we are seeing from players and owners and coaches to push back against this president's very divisive message to players and to the nfl, that's the unity that we would hope that the president himself could rise to on this occasion. eric: but what about he said before he left the airport in morristown, he said it is not racist, it is about respect for the country. he has said it is about respect for the flag and representing those freedoms with which you speak. >> let's go back to what this is
2:54 pm
about. colin kaepernick took a knee to bring attention to police brutality, to racial injustice, and in many ways it pains me that president trump is stepping on this message. there is a real conversation that needs to happen about those issues that first started this protest, and it's been muddied and now all of the oxygen is going to whatever donald trump is going to tweet next or say next, but this started as a protest against -- think of all of those videos that colin caper nick and the -- kaepernick and the entire country were watching of young black men, young black boys being killed and no accountability as they were unarmed. eric: there was some accountability in the trials of police officers. >> that's where this began, and he has a pattern, the president certainly has now developed a pattern of where he saves his most like -- in his mind --
2:55 pm
[inaudible]. >> the president's view standing up for america, is it that, but she has an issue and a point when you talk about it represents the very values of democracy of the free expression that we hold so dear? >> it does, but there's a time and place. protest on your own time on your own dime. don't subject me as a fan to your protests. i didn't pay to see a protest. i pay to see a game. by the way, constitutional freedom of speech is not an absolute right. it's tempered by your employment. look, i didn't hire -- if i was an nfl owner, a player to be political. i hired him to play the sport. and there's a time and place for protests. but at an nfl game, it is not the time nor the place. and speech, again, is protected, but it is not an absolute right. >> our founding fathers certainly did not say a time and a place to protest. and so --
2:56 pm
>> they did. >> we as individual citizens -- >> -- interpreted in many instances you can't scream fire in a crowded theater. there's a reason for that. eric: there is a debate, just like football, we have a time clock too and we're out of it. thank you. we will be right back. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. you don't let anything lkeep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals... for the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you. with its high-tech the cameras and radar,c... contemporary cockpit, three hundred and sixty degree network of driver-assist technologies, and sporty performance... what's most impressive about the glc?
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flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. arthel: this is a fox news alert. we now know the name of that suspect in the church shooting outside nashville tennessee today. 25-year-old emmanuel sampson, at least one person is dead, several others wounded. one 60-year-old man said to be in critical condition. officers say the gunman first opened fire in the parking lot on a woman walking out of the church service. in fact, you can see the gunman's suv there in the video. it is the dark blue one with the doors open. police say emmanuel sampson then entered the church and fired off several rounds wounding six people and pistol whipping another. the suspect h


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